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TSC 244 PRO Barcode Printers in Meerut
TSC 244 PRO Barcode Printers in Meerut> TSC 244 PRO Barcode Printers in Meerut TSC 244 PRO Barcode Printers in Meerut TSC 244 PRO Barcode Printers in Meerut

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TSC 244 Pro


Product Code: IBC244BP
Company: TSC
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Product Description :

The TTP-244 Pro or TSC 224 label or barcode printer  provides a high quality barcode printing, fast print speed and the largest memory capacity,can handle variable ribbon sizes  up to 300 meters length and width can be 110mm ,and is availablable on the affordable rates with 1 years warranty.

Key Features :

The TTP-244 Pro is ideal for customers looking for a high quality bar code printer, coupled with low ownership costs. The TTP-244 Pro is competitively priced, comes with a one  offsite warranty, and accommodates a 300-meter-long ribbon, which keeps both daily and lifetime operating costs lower than other comparable printers.

Technical Specifications :

The TTP-244 Pro offers the largest media and ribbon capacities in its class  i.e desk top printer class. Unlike most printers, it can easily handle both a 300-meter ribbon and a full 8-inch OD roll of labels. With its fast print speed, along with the largest memory capacity in its class, the TTP-244 Pro easily outperforms the competition.With its small, compact footprint and dual-motor design, the TTP-244 Pro is perfect for a wide variety of label and tag printing applications – everything from shipping labels to compliance and general purpose product-identification labels & tags.The TTP-244 Pro supports PDF417 and MaxiCode two-dimensional bar codes used to print complex transportation formats – a feature that makes it ideal for automobile service shops, stock rooms, and walk-in shipping and mail centers.

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