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Indomax CPM-100E Signage Printers in Meerut

Indomax CPM-100E

Product Code: IBCCPM100E
Company: INDOMAX CPM-100E
Status: In-Stock
Product Description :

Indomax CPM-100E Label and Signage Printing Machine with High efficiency, Impeccable performance, Unmatched quality

Key Features :


High efficiency

Impeccable performance

Unmatched quality

Further Details:

Sequential Numbering:-

Designs can automatically include sequenced numbers using variable increments.

Database Link

Information from database saved in CSV format, can be linked directly to your label designs. Other software feature include:


Use any True Type font installed on your PC

In addition to the built-in clip art gallery, you can download more symbols free of charge, from our web site. Logo's and other graphics can easily be imported, edited and converted.

Excellent table-design facility

Text can be curved, arched, mirrored, slanted, reversed, italicized, condensed, extended and framed.

10 major bar code languages built-in.

Copy, paste and print elements from other software applications such as Illustrator.

Printed text can automatically be contour-cut, with a totally adjustable border size.

Technical Specifications :