Casio EW-B2000C by mindware dwarka sector 12 delhi , Casio EW-B2000C have any query please mail it , and also go to website , indian barcode corporation (unit of mindware) gives a best price for Casio EW-B2000C dictionaries in india .
Contact Number 09810822688 , 09717122688
09810822688 , 09717122688
16 Dec, 2018 | 01:44:00pm IST
Casio EW-B2000C

Casio EW-B2000C

Product Code:
Company: casio
Status: call 9717122688
Product Description :

Casio's electronic dictionaries allow anyone to carry lifestyle,language etc. It is to light weight Electronic device right in your own pocket.

Key Features :

Contains 1 contents of Oxford Dictionaries and 1 Encyclopedia
    Pronunciation Function
    EW-B2000C has French pronunciation as well

    Highly Portable Device

    Tafcot Design for greater Durability (Shock resistance, pressure resistance, vibration resistance)
    Wildcard Search
    Vocabulary List
    Text marker Function
    Additional Search function
    Multilingual Word and Phasebank
    100 Words of World Literature
    Remarkable Speeches and Words
    Brilliant Color Display
    Micro SD Card and USB Connectivity
    Long Battery life (Approx. 130 hours)

Technical Specifications :

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