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09810822688 , 09717122688
24 May, 2018 | 05:26:24pm IST
Casio MEP-T10

Casio MEP-T10

Product Code: MEP-T10
Company: casio
Status: call 9717122688
Product Description :

CASIO MEP-T10 Label printers are different from ordinary printers because they need to have special feed mechanisms to handle rolled stock, or tear sheet (fanfold) stock.

Key Features :
Connection Personal computer Yes
LCD LCD size 3.6-inch 240 x 160 dots
Backlight Yes
Printing Print resolution (dpi) *1 200
Maximum printing height (mm) *2 Approx. 12
Maximum lines *2 3
Built-in Data Fonts Sans-serif, Simsun (Chinese) *3
Installed character types 21685 *3
Kanji 21003 *3
Pinyin conversion Approx. 77,000*3
Functions Input method Alphabet, Pinyin (Chinese) *3
Handwriting Yes
No. of recorded handwritten memos 99
Time stamp Yes
Clock / Alarm Yes
Calendar Yes
Calculator Yes
Common phrases Yes
Auto power off Yes
Power supply AC adaptor (AD-A12200L) / 4 x AA-size alkaline batteries
Accessories AC adaptor (AD-A12200L) / Sample tape x 1 / Windows® PC software CD-ROM x 1 / Two touch pens / Dedicated USB cable / Instruction manual / Warranty
Dimensions: W×D×H*4 (mm) 119×146×67
Approximate weight (g) 375*5

*1 Dpi (dots per inch): number of dots per inch (approx. 25.4mm)
*2 Use of 18mm tape
*3 When linked to a PC, depends on the PC environment.
*4 With rubber feet.
*5 Without batteries. With touch pens.

Technical Specifications :

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