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Product Code: APN 10-30
Company: Label Applicator
Status: In-stock
Product Description :

Label dispenser Towa APN 10-30

Towa APN10-30 is part of a new series of market leading handheld label applicators. The Towa APN1-30 label applicator can dispense any type of label which are 20mm to 30mm in width and 10mm to 60mm in length and has a gap of 2-3mm between each label. 
Our label dispenser Towa APN 10-30 ist a comfortable label applicator for preprinted labels. The maximum width of the labels is 30 mm. With this label dispenser, you can also use small labels with a min label stroke of 10 mm.
Towa APN 65-60 – Properties:
Min. label width: 18 mm
Max. label width: 30 mm
Min. label stroke: 10 mm
Max. label stroke: 60 mm
Core: min. 25 mm
Max. outer diameter: 100 mm
Weight (g): 250 g

Key Features :

No feeding holes, slits or eye-marks (black marks) required on release liner.
No mechanical adjustment is needed in different sizes of labels
Different size of labels within the specifications can be dispensed and applied by the specific applicator
2-3mm gap between each label is required
Max. 100mm width label can be dispensed and applied. There is no similar tool around.
The Mech-Sensor detects a height of label from 18mm up to 60mm without any adjustment.
You can use labels in roll, printed barcode labels and rewound rolls

Technical Specifications :