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15 Dec, 2018 | 02:40:04pm IST
Samsung  CLP-415NW
Samsung  CLP-415NW Samsung  CLP-415NW Samsung  CLP-415NW Samsung  CLP-415NW

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Samsung CLP-415NW

Samsung CLP-415NW

Product Code: MI415NWSLP
Company: Samsung
Status: In Stock
Product Description :

The CLP-415NW every business can now boost its performance and start a new way

Key Features :

With the CLP-415NW every business can now boost its performance and start a new way of communication. Create professional-looking colour documents at impressive speeds with this easy to operate and economical small workgroup device. Whatever size your team, and however busy you are, you can rely on the CLP-415NW to constantly deliver professional, quality colour output. Because anything less isn’t good enough. Boost the overall quality and vividness of your output with our unique ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Pages). It automatically adds dots along the edges of images and characters, meaning everything looks so much sharper and cleaner. What’s more, those white gaps between coloured areas that are so common with other devices are eliminated. What you and your team are left with is an outstanding colour output.

Technical Specifications :

More power, better productivity
With the power of two cores the device can process your work files simultaneously and therefore with higher speeds. The 256MB memory ensures even heavy printing documents are spooled faster and you don’t have to wait long for your print outs. What all this means for you is simple: the CLP-415NW is perfect when there’s a lot to print and a tight deadline to meet. With the CLP-415NW's 2 line liquid crystal display and intuitive 5 key compass navigation you can control the device's status, browse the menu and access each unique feature with ease.
Simple wireless printing
Just on touch of the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button and your CLP-415NW will connect quickly and securely to your wireless network. And with our easy 3 step mobile printing application enjoying vibrant colour output from all your mobile devices is then easier than ever.

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