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all variants of printers and labels available in India by indian barcode

(Posted on: 08 Sep, 2018 | 01:33:11pm)

Mindware India  is the leading company in the field of AIDC  and RFID solution in India. Mindware India-- India’s one of the biggest manufacturer ,Importers,Exporters and suppliers of all kinds of Barcode Hardware products and Consumables,RFID  and EAS solutions.


Get best prices for :


Barcode Scanners-

I)                    Argox:-AS 8000,AS8120,AS8312,AS8250,CL8000

II)                  Motorolla (Symbol):-LS1203,2208AP,LS9203,LS4208,LS4278,DS6700

III)                Metrologic (Honeywell):-MS5145,MS9520,MS9535,MS1690,MS1690,MS7120,MS7620

IV)               Datalogic:-Magellan 2200VS,Magellan1400i,Heron,Diamond,Power scan 8300,7000

V)                 Unitech:-MS839L,MS849,MS860WiFi/MS860BT,MS380,MS335,MS320,MS337H,MS337


Barcode Printers-

I)                    Zebra:- TLP-2844,S4M,ZM400,ZM600,

II)                  TSC:- TTP244 pro,TTP244 te,TTP246M,TTP2410M

III)                Argox:-OS214 Plus,A-150,X-1000,X-2000+,X-3000+ , cp 2140 

argox  scanners and other printers

IV)               Toshiba Tech:-B-SA4T,B-452,B-SX4,B-SX5,B-SX6T,B-852R,B-SX8T

V)                 Citizen:- CLP-621,CLP-631,CLP-7201E,CLP-7401,CL-S700

VI)               Godex:-LX400,LX810,EZ-1100Plus,EZ-1300Plus

VII)             Avery  Dennision:-AP 7.5,AP 5.4,TTX 674,TTX-675




Portable Data Terminals-

I)                    Symbol :- MC1000,MC3000,MC9090G

II)                  Argox:-PT80,PT60.

III)                Unitech:-PA600MCA,PA968,PA600,PA982

IV)               Honeywell:-Dolphin 6500,6100,9700,9550.


  Barcode Labels :

I)        Garment Labels.

II)      Food and  Beverages  Labels.

III)    Logistics  Labels.

IV)   Medical Labels.

V)     Jewellery Labels-----Paper ,Polyester,Viod,Color.

VI)   Piggibag  and Transparent Labels


     Barcode Ribbons :

I)        Wax—Normal  Wax (IBCW 12A )Premium Wax (IBCW 14A)

II)      Wax Resin---Normal Wax Resin (IBCW 20A),Premium Wax Resin IBCW 20N.

III)    Resin------Normal Resin(IBCR 22),Premium Resin(IBCR 30Z)Premium  Plus Resin( IBCR30)

IV)   Wash Care ----Wash Care (IBCW 50)

V)     Near Edge----Near Edge(IBCN 20NE)

VI)   Color Ribbons-Red, Blue ,Green.


Mindware India is also having stock of spare parts like-Printer head, Cabels, Rollers  and we undertake repair/AMC for hardware products. .

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