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09810822688 , 09717122688
19 Feb, 2019 | 08:23:34pm IST
RoadRunners 1D
RoadRunners 1D

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RoadRunners 1D

RoadRunners 1D

Product Code: BARD1D
Company: Baracoda.
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Product Description :

RoadRunners 1D  is of Superior reading quality that can scan more than 30000 scans upto a range of 100 meters. It is  very reliable, efficient, durable with a very high battery backup.

Key Features :

Superior reading quality CMOS linear imager Huge battery autonomy : more than 30,000 scans Bluetooth Class 1 ( up to 100 meters ) Real-time clock : ideal for proof of visit or time management. Withstands multiple drops onto concrete with its protective boot. Internal memory available for Batch mode. Interfaces with a large variety of Bluetooth® devices : PDA / mobile phone / laptop / tablet PC.

Technical Specifications :

RoadRunners Evolution 1D has a slick design, is small and lightweight (fits neatly in one hand and can be easily attached to a belt via the key retractable reel accessory).  Very reliable, efficient, durable. Thanks to its PDA stylus, BRR-L Evolution can also be used as a stylus on PDA.