AVERY DENNISON 64-OX Barcode Printer
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09810822688 , 09717122688
21 Mar, 2019 | 11:06:39am IST
Avery Dennison 64-Ox
Avery Dennison 64-Ox

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Avery 64-Ox

Avery Dennison 64-Ox

Product Code: IBC64OBP
Company: Avery Dennison
Status: In-Stock
Product Description :

these are the most powerful barcode printers used for barcode printing with the 64 bit microprocessor which is super efficient and nearly 20 times faster then other printers. Is is super efficient in all types of printing such as barcode ,labels,tags etc.

Key Features :

Operating up to 20 times faster than competing products, the super efficient 64 Bit thermal transfer printer always drives in the fast lane. Whether used to print bar codes, tags or production labels, this powerful machine is impressive thanks to several additional features that are critical when in constant industrial use.  

Technical Specifications :


The 64 bit carries out any printing task in high resolution, with astonishing precision and intelligence. It protects against errors already in the input stage, uses no more ribbon than absolutely needed and features an extremely simple operating interface. In addition, this compact printing powerhouse is highly durable and robust.

At the center of the extensive range is the 64-bit processor, complemented with a font and bar code library. This allows for essential performance features such as enlargement capabilities, two-dimensional presentation and the ability to rotate the scalable fonts almost entirely freely. If even more performance is required, the standard 8 MB configuration can be upgraded to 32 MB.