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Toshiba SA4T
Toshiba SA4T Toshiba SA4T Toshiba SA4T Toshiba SA4T

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Toshiba SA4T

Product Code: IBCS4TBP
Company: Toshiba Tec
Status: In-Stock
Product Description :

The TOSHIBA Tec B-SA4 barcode label printer  provide a number of varieties for the communication interfaces to make the distributed environment can be managed by a single source.It supports a print resolution of 203 to 300 dpi.

Key Features :

The TOSHIBA Tec B-SA4 barcode label printer provides the functionality and robustness of an industrial printer with the compact footprint and ease of use of a desktop printer.For ultimate networking capabilities, it comes with a wide variety of communication interfaces, enabling you to manage your whole network of printers from a central source. Thermal transfer & Thermal Direct printing. 203/300 DPI print-head options. 4 inches print-width. 6 inches per second print-speed. Plastic/Industrial Metal body options. Parallel, USB, LAN inbuilt. Optional Serial port and wireless LAN. Bar Tender TEC Ultralite printing Software & Windows driver. Supports all popular 1D & 2D symbologies. Options - Cutter, Strip Module, Real Time Clock.

Technical Specifications :

This desktop printer, with the perfor¬mance of an industrial printer, offers high-speed printing and enhanced throughput via a large choice of net¬work interfaces: parallel, USB 2.0 and internal LAN as standard, with optional serial, wireless LAN and RFID inter¬faces (HF and UHF). The B-SA4TM is compatible with all legacy systems, TOSHIBA or non-TOSHIBA. The powerful BCI (programmable Basic Command Interpreter) allows the ability for the B-SA4TM to print via non-TPCL datastreams. With a footprint close to A4 in size, the front opening, top loading design ensures the B-SA4 is compact, whilst the choice of casing (plastic or metal) guarantees the printer is ergonomic for the office or robust enough for harsh operating environments.   While currently supporting a print resolution of 203 or 300 dpi (dots per inch), a 600 dpi model is planned for early 2006.  This provides the flexibility to configure the printer to suit most applications, from desktop all the way to industrial.  Extras such as peel-off and cutter modules fit neatly inside the front cover, ensuring the printer remains compact.