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Logistics Labels

Logistics Labels

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Product Description :

Indian Barcodes is the leading manufacturer of all kinds of Logistics Labels. Indian Barcodes is offering Logistics Labels with laser and offset printing. In addition to our expertise, we offer preprinted barcode Logistics Labels with multi color printing on both sides and single side. These are available in a variety of paper choices both indian and imported. Indian Barcodes is the professional Supplier, Dealer, and Distributor of all kinds of Logistics Labels.

Key Features :

Logistics labels are increasingly used to track consignments and other logistics through the supply chain. Logistics labels are crucial for any logistics or distribution company, either for warehousing purposes or for shipping products around the world. we understand the need for crucial parameters and flawless performance in logistics control and operation, and we can provide logistics label products that meet all your warehouse labeling needs. We can manufacture labels that feature color-coded identifiers and bar codes, or labels that are reflective, scannable, repositionable, or magnetic. We can also provide logistics labels that are ready to auto-apply, rfid smart labels, and consecutively numbered labels of several types. like all our labels, our logistics labels can be made from a variety of materials, from paper of various qualities to plastics to metallic laminates and beyond. Many warehousing situations require labeling solutions that can maintain their integrity in any situation -- and that's one of our specialties at etiquette systems. We'll be happy to work closely with you to determine the specifications of the logistics labels you need, from printing treatments to material types.

Technical Specifications :

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