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26 Apr, 2019 | 03:41:17am IST
Zebra MP6000

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Zebra MP6000 Barcode Scanner-Manual

Zebra MP6000

Product Code: MP6000 Scanner/scale
Status: In-stock
Product Description :

This multi-plane bioptic imager can capture virtually any printed or mobile 1D or 2D barcode in practically any condition, with blazing speed. The all-new modular design allows you to add a customer-side scanner for barcodes displayed on mobile phones, traditional loyalty cards or even impulse buys, as well as a handheld scanner and EAS, while providing expandability for future requirements – such as an RFID reader. The result? Higher throughput. Fewer abandoned sales. And a great lasting impression that will foster increased loyalty and return visits.

Key Features :

No moving parts translates into a 30 to 50 percent reduction in energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements. Ease of use virutally eliminates training. Complimentary management software enables easy remote management of the entire POS solution - scanner, scale and attached peripherals. And support for future POS technologies provides built-in futureproofing for superior lifecycle - and a low total cost of ownership.

Customer facing benefits: better service and a better experience
Prevent long lines and maximize throughput at the checkout stand
Improve customer convenience through the ability to scan bar codes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone
Increase customer satisfaction and retention rates

Operational benefits: reduced costs
Reduce implementation costs
Reduce maintenance costs
Reduce management costs
Reduce energy bills by approximately 30 to 50 percent
Reduce training requirements
Reduce total cost of ownership for scanning solutions

Technical Specifications :

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