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26 Apr, 2019 | 07:31:58pm IST
CPM-100HG3 Ribbon

CPM-100HG3 Ribbon

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Product Description : Description: These are specially developed UV thermal printing ribbons for the Indomax CPM-100G3/HG3 label and sign printing systems. Text and graphics that are virtually invisible to the naked eye but clearly visible when viewed under ultra violet light can be printed. Type: Resin based Ink Formula Temperature: Avoid temperature above 400C (1040F) Maintain above freezing temperatures 00C (320F) Handling: Keep ribbon protected during storage. Shelf Life: 2 year Risks: Ribbon components are not considered health hazards, except when exposed to fire. Practice normal industrial hygiene and avoid ingestion. Applications: Security labelling and brand protection, giving the facility to confirm product authenticity.

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