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Epson TM-T81
Epson TM-T81 Epson TM-T81 Epson TM-T81 Epson TM-T81

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Epson TM-T81-Manual

Epson TM-T81

Product Code: IBCT81RP
Company: Epson
Status: In-Stock
Product Description :

Epson TM-T81 barcode receipt bill printer is auto cutter is processed by the Solid-Chromium plating treatment with the good looks and and its structure protects the printer from the water drops and other dust particles.

Key Features :

TM-T81's auto cutter is processed by the Solid-Chromium plating treatment, and the paper end sensor has a paper dust proof structure. TM-T81's unbreakable metal hinge cover ensures your safety operation in a hard usage environment.

Technical Specifications :

TM-T81 provides a choice from the serial interface, USB 2.0 interface, Bi-directional parallel interface, and Ethernet interface for connections to various hardware; regardless if it is new or old.Like other TM printers, TM-T81's roll paper replacement is very easy, but its structure ensures protection from penetration of foreign material such as a clip and water drops.TM-T81's Windows driver (Advanced Printer Driver) is designed for high performance as TM-T88 series. TM-T81 bundles Status API to acquire the printer status and Dev mode API for parameter control, so it can be used for advanced applications required to monitor printers such as the use in Kiosk or as a kitchen printer. Expected lifespan of 52 million lines (MCBF), 360,000 hours (MTBF) and auto-cutter life of 1.5 million cuts. More savings with minimal paper usage. Adjustable margin settings reduce unnecessary paper wastage . Easy installation and usage in any retail environment. Windows Driver function makes the printer easy to install and use. Specifically designed with safety in mind .The circuit board is mounted upside down to protect it from accidental spillage.

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