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19 Feb, 2019 | 09:29:24pm IST
Epson POS TM-L90
Epson POS TM-L90 Epson POS TM-L90 Epson POS TM-L90 Epson POS TM-L90

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Epson TM-L90

Epson POS TM-L90

Product Code: MIETML90RP
Company: Epson
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Product Description :

Epson  POS TM-L90 label printer is one of the most efficient printer in printing a large no of bills, receipts and labels with high quality and high speed. Paper loading and paper replacement are easy and paper jams also can be handled effectively.


Key Features :

    The TM-L90 is ideal for a wide range of applications including pharmacy and photo labeling, retail price verification and fast food/deli labeling. It features fast print speeds of up to 150mm per second in high-speed mode. It easily handles a variety of print stock for receipts, labels and tickets.The TM-L90 is designed and built with the high quality and dependability Epson is known for. With an MCBF of 70 million lines, you can count on it day after day. Its straight paper path means less time wasted on paper jams and drop-in paper loading makes paper replacement easy.

Technical Specifications :
  • Print Method-Thermal line printing
  • Dot Density-203 x 203 dpi
  • Font-9 × 17 / 12 × 24
  • Column Capacity-64 / 48 / 72 columns
  • Character Size (W x H)-1.13 x 2.13 mm / 1.5 x 3.0 mm / 1.0 x 2.0 mm
  • Character Set-95 Alphanumeric, 37 International, 128 x 11 Graphic, Traditional / Simplified Chinese, Thai, Japanese
  • Characters Per Inch-22.6cpi (9 x 17 font) / 16.9cpi (12 x 24 font)

Print Speed

  • High-speed Mode--150mm/sec, 5.9”/sec
  • Normal Mode--120mm/sec, 4.7”/sec
  • Paper Width--38mm (1.50”), 60mm (2.36”), 80mm (3.15\), Diameter-90mm (3.5”) maximum


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