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09810822688 , 09717122688
19 Mar, 2019 | 03:51:58am IST

Willett 630

Product Code: MI630INKP
Company: Willett
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Product Description :

New Willett 630 small character inkjet printer is applicable for operation of five days a week and 

Key Features :

New Willett 630 small character inkjet printer is applicable for operation of five days a week and six to eight hours a day. The printer needs little maintenance, and no adjustment and calibration is needed even when starting after several days’ shutdown. The printer is also equipped with intelligent ink cartridge with intelligent core, and the change is much easier. 

Technical Specifications :


With a simple and icon displaying user interface and innovative features, this equipment delivers simpler operation. Automatic printhead calibration and cleaning function ensures the print consistency and a longer print time. The intelligent ink cartridge is mounted with an intelligent chip and can determine whether correct ink is installed so as to avoid errors. The unique design can realize the complete consumption of inks without any residue, thus further realizing the concept of cost effective.

Less maintenance

Willett 630 can run for 9000 hours (when operated in one shift for over 36 months) without preventative maintenance. The warning system will issue warnings to remind the users when a change is needed – thus avoiding the messy change of filter.

Excellent print quality

1000 series can print the clearest marks in the industry, It can position each ink drop precisely, thus the marks are consistently clear and legible. Even when the environmental conditions change, its dynamic calibration function can realize automatic adjustment and ensure stable print quality.