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09810822688 , 09717122688
19 Feb, 2019 | 08:57:19pm IST

PD7600 Pole Display

Product Code: IBC7600PD
Company: Posiflex
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Product Description :

The PD-7600 is a stand alone pole mount customer display designed for discrete POS with the LCD module and the Backlight. it is mostly used with the weighing machines in the retail stores. 

Key Features :

The PD-7600 is a stand alone pole mount customer display designed for discrete POS applications. The PD-7600 series utilizes a graphical LCD module with backlight. It supports 4 rows display of 15 Chinese or 30 Arabic characters each in format of 16 by 16 dots or 8 by 16 dots respectively.

Technical Specifications :

Features:Graphic STN LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in blue background with white backlight.Four-line display with 30 Arabic letters or 15 Chinese characters per line.240 x 64 dots for graphic display.Adequate character size per digit for easy viewing : 8.47 x 4.24 mm.Front display contrast adjustment buttons :15°, 30° and 45° adjustable view angles vertically.Rotated display frame 270° horizontally.ESC / POS command support.
PD-7610: Simplified Chinese, GB-2312
PD-7620: Traditional Chinese, BIG-5
PD-7630: Arabic, Windows code page 01256 (with Arabic numerals addressed in <80> ~ <89> of code page 1).Interface : serial (RS232) port.Dimension : 221 mm (W) x 110 mm (D) x 431 / 200 (H) mm.Weight: 0.92Kg.Color : Ivory white or black.

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