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Samsung SL-M2876ND
Samsung SL-M2876ND Samsung SL-M2876ND Samsung SL-M2876ND Samsung SL-M2876ND

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Samsung SL-M2876ND Printers

Samsung SL-M2876ND

Product Code: MIM2876SLP
Company: Samsung
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Product Description :

Samsung M2876ND provides small businesses the cost efficiency & performance

Key Features :

Small-scale offices and businesses must streamline costs associated with printing without compromising productivity or quality. Samsung M2876ND provides small businesses the cost efficiency and performance they demand. With mobile printing and Easy Printer Manager software, these printers are designed for ease of use.
Save time with faster print speeds
Samsung M2876ND helps reduce wait time for busy small-business owners by providing quicker printing for various documents. Even complex documents print at up to 28 pages per minute (ppm), powered by Samsung’s advanced 600MHz CPU and 128MB of memory. The Cortex-A5 Core supports speeds up to 25.6 percent higher than the previous model, yielding one of the highest speeds among comparable printers. This impressive speed can help companies increase workflow, productivity and flexibility.
Small businesses with limited resources can still create a big impact with professional-quality prints. Samsung M2876ND deliver sharp, clean prints for business documents with 4800 x 600dpi effective resolution and Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology. These elements result in increased performance and quality in a small package. Quality-boosting features produce more detail, smoother images and clearer text.
•    With high-resolution print quality up to 4800 x 600dpi effective, users can produce fine, detailed print output, even for small text and complex images.
•    Edge enhancement provides a delicate, polished edge for text and images, resulting in clearer text and more vivid images.

Technical Specifications :

Samsung M2876ND includes specialized features to help businesses generate superior-quality copies and scans. These high-performing printers sharpen fine text and images, producing crisp, legible text and vibrant, smooth images. Many printers fail to capture thin lines and small text when scanning or copying. Samsung M2876ND include De-Integrated Cavity Effect (De-ICE) technology to help increase the amount of text that is captured, yielding higher-quality prints and scans. Busy small-business professionals can stay productive by using a variety of paper types with Samsung M2876ND. This small yet robust printer can handle up to 220 grams per square meter (gsm) media, which includes paper, labels, cards, envelopes and overhead projector (OHP) transparencies. This flexibility can help small businesses stay adaptable for various business needs. The paper types can be conveniently selected from the multipurpose (MP) tray.
Save toner and paper costs with flexible printing options
Businesses can decrease toner and paper costs simply with One-Touch Eco button features that help companies limit the amount of resources needed to perform printing operations. One-Touch Eco button enables to employ N-up and duplex printing to print multiple document pages on a single sheet, skipping blank pages to reduce the amount of paper used. Toner save mode also reduces supply costs by decreasing toner use.

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