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Testimonials & News.

Thermal Printer Head Manufacturer in India.

  A thermal print head is a line of resistors, whose output is a line of precisely controlled dots of heat, which produce images in conjunction with heat-sensitive paper or ribbons. The most common application of thermal printing is barcoded labels and POS receipts. Thermal prints are typically more durable than ink jet prints and better quality than impact prints. For receipt printing, thermal printer mechanisms are simpler than any other print technology...Read More

Pharmacode Barcode Readers / Scanners

Indian Barcode Corporation is offering Hand Held Pharmacode Barcode Readers... The compact size, ergonomic design and adjustable optics make the DataMan 700 series of readers exceptionally versatile and easy to use. The DataMan 750 model features award-winning 1DMax and 2DMax code reading software that can handle a wide range of variations in code appearance resulting from degradations in code quality due to differences in mark quality ...Read More

Godex RT 700 & RT 730 Barcode Printer

GoDEX\'s portfolio of compact, but feature rich desktop label printers are ideal for situations that are;     tight on space,     require high-quality,     reliable direct thermal or thermal-transfer printing Engineered for eas...Read More

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